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As some of you know, I've been dealing with a nasty anal fissure for several months now. In fact, there is a small one on the other side of the big one. I've modified my diet, and I've been taking Diltiazem. The bleeding is way down (only a couple days of minor bleeding during a BM in the last 3 1/2 weeks), and some of the pain is down as well, but this thing aint going away. I still get cramping and spasms, along with some occasional burning and tearing druing a BM.

So I'm thinking about having the surgery and getting it over with. I'm tired of dealing with this. I can't exercise at all.

So my question is for people who have had surgery for their fissures.

1. Did it work?
2. How long was the recovery?

I'm scared that the surgery isn't going to work, even though it has a high success rate.

I've had fissures for 15 years now, off and on, but never this bad. I think I just have too much pressure down there. I'm sure diet plays a big role as well.

Also, if anyone else has any treatment ideas, I'm all ears!