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Deezy, I had my hemorrhoid surgery in Aug and after a very long and painful recovery period, I am still not healed. I have had a small cut on the outside of my anus that continues inward and looks like a small ulcer. My surgeon who was not a colorectal surgeon thought it was a fissure but when I told him that I did'nt have pain during or after bms, he was'nt sure. I went to see a colorectal surgeon who diag. me w/ an anal fissure. It is sore to the touch on the outside but that's about it. She told me about botox injections and surgery. I am scared to death to have any other surgery especially one that can cause incontinence. I am using diltiazem now. I have been reading your posts and wondered if you could offer any advice. How long did you have the fissure and when did you consider surgery? How bad was your pain and did you have a cut on the outside that you could see?? Please reply any info. will help!!! thank you.
Deezy and Runninggal,
You both have been a great help, but I am still so scared of this surgery. Like I said, I don't have alot of pain but the diltiazem cream does'nt seem to be working. How long did you guys have pain after your surgery? Runninggal, I know yours was very different, how did you distingish the pain between the surgeries( iknow you said the hem surgery was the worst)? Also when you guys say you did have fecal incontinince was it just when you passed gas or more frequently? This is so emotionally upsetting for me, I can;'t think of anything else. My family thinks I need medication for a while, for my nerves and I agree. I'm afraid if I need this surgery I won't be able to control my bowels or will pass gas in public places without control. Please respond quickly, I appreciate both of you! Deezy, again good luck to you!
Runninggal, You made me laugh for the first time all day yesterday! The little squeek comment did it! I was so upset for the last week over this, the diltiazem I got from my doctor just does'nt seem to be working so I keep thinking surgery will be my only option. I am still very afraid but not as much since talking to you and deezy. I think I am prepared for the pain of the surgery (i Hope) for nothing could be as bad as the hem. surgery. I think i'd rather die than have that again. I'm taking deezy's word for it, that in comparison it's not as bad. You are amazing for having everytrhing done at once. I still am confused on why I don't have pain during or after my bm though. My cut is on the outside and when I pull it apart it extends inward and therefore does look like a fissure. I just wish since it's not that bad,I could get it to heal on it's own. I don't know what else to try. Did you try anything first before you went for surgery? Did you have fissures that healed and then reoccurred? Sorry to bother you again but i need some help! thanx!