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as you know, I had a skin tag (a big one) removed when I had my fissure surgery. It's strnge that your surgeon didn't elect to remove them at the time -since it seems like a good opportunity.

But maybe the skin tag removal made things tougher on me, because recovery has been difficult. I'm 2 months since surgery, and still not 100%. I'm paranoid about what I eat, and I still have to take Colace every day, or risk damage.

I find that if I go twice in one day, I feel pretty lousy. Very crampy and achey. If I have a good BM early in the morning, I usually feel pretty good druing the day.

Try a diet like this....

1. Breakfast: bowl of raisin bran
2. Lunch: salad & half a sandwich.
3. Snack of apples
4. Dinner: butternut squash soup, chicken florentine.

Take some Citrucel at night, but only once a day. If you are still bleeding and irritated, get back on the Colace. A couple days of this diet, and things should calm down a lot.

I still gat spasms here and there, and cramping. Those are the symptoms I've had a hard time getting rid of. My doctor gave me some Dycyclomine, but I'm nervous to take it, because it can constipate. I use Diltiazem ointment, but it doesn't seem to do much for spasms, just tightness.

You know the tags are a problem, when you can see a trench in the stool. I don't see that anymore, since having mine removed.

My dilemma now, is I have a sinus infection, and doc wants me to take antibiotics, but I'm resisting, because I can't risk diarhea -talk about frustration.

My sinuses are so bad, I'm moving from Chicago to a warmer climate.