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It's good to hear that the bleeding is stopped, hopefully you have "turned the corner", and healing can really start happening.

I haven't bled in over a month, which is a record for me (I started bleeding in late August). BM are really easy now, and I have no stabbing pains or burning. Even if I have I pretty big stool, it still isn't a problem.

The only issues I'm still dealing with are cramping, mild spasms, and some mild IBS-like symptoms. The anti-diarheal seems to help with this, although I am VERY careful with it. If I go more than once a day, or if my stool is kind of loose (diarhea isn't a problem), I take 1/2 a dose to slow things down. I should look into Cholestyramine powder for sure. maybe I'll ask my doctor to write me a script. He did give me Dycyclomine, and that seems to help a bit as well.

One thing really killed me a couple days ago. I ate 2 big cups of very creamy (and very good) tomato-bisque soup. I immediately had to go afterwards, and had cramping, gas from hell, just felt really lousy for 2 hours afterwards. I think it was a combination of cream and acid (tomato). So beware of that!

Interestingly enough, wine doesn't seem to be a problem, and actually seems to mellow things out downstairs. But I can't drink wine every night!

My only recommendation would be to be careful with all the ointments and cream. You can irritate the skin down there, causing some inflammation. Since I finished the Diltiazem, my skin has been less irritated. If I do feel some irritation, I take a warm bath, or use Balneol cream -a soothing cream.