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anal fissures are common, and they also caause a LOT of anxiety.

I had one for years, until it got really bad and I had to have surgery to correct it. I still obsess about bowel movements and get butterflies in my stomach, even though the surgeon said the fissure was completely gone. I think the increased BMs are anxiety over the fissure.

Go see your GP, or if you have a PPO, go see a GI doc or a colo-rectal surgeon. They can give you medications like Diltiazem, that will loosen up your backside and make BMs a lot easier. Chances are, this will correct the fissure.

In the meantime, start using a fiber supplement once or twice a day, avoid dairy, and get mild exercise. The exercise will slow the digestive tract down.

Even if it comes to surgery, don't worry. I had it and it was nothing; a 15 minute outpatient procedure. I had a BM right after surgery, and there was very little pain. Now I have no blood or pain at all with BMs.