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I am on my second bottle of benfotiamine. I was already taking thiamine so I take one cap on ben.. in the morning and my thiamine in the evening.

I bought it from ***************, 120 ct, 80mg of ben..., and 54mg of thiamin for a little under $10.

The idea of an oil based thiamine sounds great. However remember* vitamin theraphy is slow especially since you are fighting a condition that has taken, in my case, 10 years to reach the point where it is today. After 4 months I can't say that there has been any improvement I can tell.

Last month a doctor took me off of diltiazem, a calcium channel blocker which he and a neurologist said can cause neuropathy. Even though I have been taking 2mgs of sub ligual B12 he still insisted I take an injection of B12 every week for six weeks and thiamine.

I immediately felt a difference from stoping the diltiazem and the tingling in the hands went away, some dumbness still there. For the last three weeks I have seen changes like: my feet hurt more - could not feel anything before, Of course, more energy, and my nerves overall seem to be more settled.

**Let me say this, hurting feet, don't be sorry. The new neurologist who ran a conduction test on my legs was puzzled as how I can walk at all. The other doctor's nurse also asked how I can walk. So in pain's defence let me say if it was not for the pain I would not know where my feet were to be able to walk. I can tell the range/position of my feet because I know expactly where the cause of the pain is...the toes on my feet. The neurologist had not heard of anyone adapting to neuropathy like this.

So, everything seemed to be the same with the ben... Perhaps if taking it with no other changes in my life, I could attribute a little improvement to it.

I would try anything, especially if it was only $20 for four months trial. We are not all the same so it might be what you need. I'm becoming a B12 injection convert.