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I was on Verapamil 360mg for my SVTs since I was 19 until last New Years. One started and I couldn't get it to stop. An hour later I called the Ambulance and they were able to get it down. After all that I saw a new cardio (old one retired and my GP had been giving me the Verapamil) and he switched me to Diltiazem 180mg and one Atenolol 25mg at night. The Atenolol also work good when I have an episode. From my experience in the last year I have more issues when I am stressed.
I have been seeing a therapist, taking 250mg of Magnesium and xanax when needed and so far have had only one in 7 months. I had 3 in 5 months before then.
Supposidly my cardio said that the drugs I am on are newer than the Verapamil and in his experience seem to work better. I have read that some people have side effects on the Atenolol, but I have the exact opposite. It lowers my bpm and makes me sleepy.
Just try to take some long deep breaths and hopefully you will be less stressed after the holidays. I know I will!