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i been threw all that and once its chronic it will be almost impossible to heal,
all its takes is one large or hard bm and it opens up again,i had this for two years and finally gave up had fissure ,hemorrhoid and sphincter repair all at once , it will get worse and you can end up with a fistula.i am not trying to
scare you but i been threw it and not matter what i eat or remedy to fix never worked and it tore again.people who develop fissure that are chronic
have a very high rectal tone,you spasm will not allow your fissure to heal
once you cut the sphincter muscle it will allow your fissure to heal and stop
the spasm. fissure surgery is usually instant relief and you will be able to
say you were glad you did it.hemmroid surgery is pain full and i attest to that.
there is a presription oinment call diltiazem which is the last resort before
surgery give it a try it might work,can take up to three months to fully heal
the fissure.

hope you the best