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the sphincteroplasty repaired the sphincter but you have a fissure and
if it lasted this long its chronic,a fissureomentry will resolve the spasms
and reduce rectal tone.once you have it all this trouble will go away,you
think you heal and then it comes back,knifes pain while have a bm is
a sure sign of one. i have soft stools and had this pain my sphincter was
so tight i could not have a bm ,after surgery this was gone.this surgery
is not as bad as you think you will be wondering why you did not do it sooner
many people on this board have said that. diltiazem ,miralax, colace,fiber,water did not matter once its chronic ,it takes over your life till
you fix it.if your colorectal surgeon your best person to asked all this to.
you already know i had three surgeries all at once there so i can understand
the reluctance but get it done and get on with your life its to short.

good luck and speedy recovery