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After last night's scare (chest pain precipitated by rushing for a bus, lasting over 20 minutes radiating into my neck - took 3 doses of GTN to clear) I've had no pain today. I think the diltiazem is helping. My GP said Tuesday morning I could exercise with caution, but doesn't know about Tuesday night.

Do I dare do a very light gym workout tomorrow? If not, when do you think? Any ideas? It will be a light, short programme, keeping my heart rate within the acceptable range as far as possible.
Sorry - my details were in another post.

I'm 61 and have typical anginal symptoms - though not normally at the gym. My hypertension and raised cholesterol are controlled by medication. I'm on lisinopril, diltiazem and aspirin. I had a negative thallium scan in April (I was symptom-free then), but my GP still feels that in view of the symptoms and risk factors it probably is ischaemic heart disease and is recoomending an angiogram.

I joined the gym a month ago. My chest pains recurred after an 8-9 month break, nearly 2 weeks ago, but apart from Wednesday night, they have been pretty mild. Wednesday's was scary.