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Hey all,

Haven't been on the boards in awhile and I do apologize for that but I was doing awesome for such a long time until this past month. SVTs came back with avengence. By the time I got to the ER, I converted, but was still admitted. They noticed my Potassium was low and that some other number was high causing them to think I had a blood clot. They did a CT scan on my lungs and a echo on my legs and found nothing. I was able to finally follow up with my cardio last week(stupid job wouldn't let me off), and he prescribed Micro-K for the Potassium and said it was related. I am still waiting on the silly mail order company to fill them and are eating two bananas a day.
Well, went into SVT again today and after two hours, called the cardio and went into one of their offices. Didn't want to go to the ER, since my insurance is crap and everything now is out of my pocket till the end of the year. (Its called a Health Fund and stay away!!).
So I went and they did a EKG and then finally admistered some Metaprophanol 3 times and pop, I was back to a normal 70 bpm from 150bpm for about 4 hours. It totally ruined my day and I am sick of it. The doc changed upped my meds (360mg of Diltiazem from 180mg a day) which worries me because my blood pressure has been excellent. And mentioned Ablation and an EP study.
I am so fed up with it, that I am ready to go for it? I have read a lot of good stories about it, but are there any horror stories. I am quite worried.

Oh and don't worry about the insurance, I should be getting an offer from a new company next week and two months after that I will have normal(HMO PPO) coverage again. Heath Fund insurance is for the birds!!