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I never thought I would be spending this much attention on this part of me. In September 07 I was diagnosed with a fissure. The doc gave me diltiazem ointment for it, but never explained how or how much to apply. I was in so much pain that I did not think to ask those questions, and he is not easy to get answers from later. Late in Novemebr I had a colonoscopy, with an all clear. A week later I went back to the CRS, who then wrote scripts for hydrocortesone creme and lidocaine for the pain.

This thing is not healing, and I am interested in hearing from others about how long it takes. I am afraid of the surgery, and extremely tired of the pain. Please tell me your story/advice/suggestions. Thanks.
Thanks for your reply. I've had this since September of '07. I was scheduled for a colonoscopy because of my magic birthday, not because of anything else. The Dr. doing the scope doesn't do that work, so his office referred me to a CRS, who turned out to be a real waste of money, time and pain. He offered no information other than a high-fiber diet, and surgery. He prescribed Diltiazem .2 %. The pharmacy that filled it charged $40.

The colonoscopy showed all clear. But the fissure hurt more and more. Finally I went to my regular doc, and got squared away on dealing with the pain and found a new CRS. The new doc is so much better than the first. He prescribed 2% Diltiazem and told me exactly how to apply it. I seem to better after a few days.

My biggest fears with the surgery are the incontinence and dealing with the first week of healing. Do they use stitches when they cut the muscle? Do they give you meds to make sure you don't tear yourself when you have the first BM? I am really worried about tearing something after getting sewn up. The surgery itself doesn't worry me. I can certainly handle being sedated. How was the first few days of healing?
Thanks for replying.