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I totally understand your frustration. I have been struggling with a fissure since August of 07. I thought it was piles, but the first colo-rectal surgeon I went to said it was a fissure. I was in so much pain that I could not think of the right questions to ask, and the guy never gave me correct information about the diltiazem ointment he prescribed. He also prescribed the wrong strength. I didn't find out how bad he was until a second trip to him, when I went in with moderate pain, and walked out really hurting.

I found a second surgeon, who had worked on a friend the previous year, and he is much better. We tried the correct diltiazem, but the fissure is now cronic and it didn't work. I am going in for surgery on Monday. I have been assured by several people that it's a relief once it's done, so I am looking forward to relief and healing. I am bad with needles and pain, but I must deal with this.

My suggestions are: ask as many questions of your doctor as you can, to satisfy your concerns and fears. Write them down ahead of time if you need to. I often forget one or two. Check references for your surgeon if you can with a state agency or insurance company. Reliaze that if your doctor gives you a complete exam and finds nothing but a fissure, the fissure is not a serious condition. It just feels that way. I know that doesn't make the pain any less, but you have one less thing to worry about.

Fissures are common even though people usually don't talk about them, for obvious reasons. Like I told one friend who I discovered had gone through this, when's the last time someone greeted you with "Hey, good morning. How's the anus today?" In talking to close friends, who care about me and are close enough to talk to about this, I found that 2 had already been through the surgery for fissures, one had 3 surgeries for an anal cyst, and one is going through it right now. I was surprised. So, you're not alone. Find a good doctor and ask lots of questions. God bless.