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[QUOTE=IamOdin;3493214]Two years ago I had a hard piece of stool that caused an anal fissure and bleeding. Since that day I've had constant problems.

First, extreme pain when passing stool, sphincter going into spasm, then an external hemorrhoid appeared which soon after disappeared leaving skin tag.

Now, pain when passing stool is much better compared to what it was soon after it happened however sphincter will still go into spasm most of the time.

Other symptoms I have: when stool is soft it will be flat, if it's a bit harder it's ok and round but since I've been eating more fibre to keep my stool soft mostly it will be flat. I believe this is because of the spasm but cannot be sure and need reassurance?

I am unable to fully control winds and I gas a lot.

Fissure keeps coming back and it clearly visible on the outside when it does however it will heal too (at least the part on the outside) but other symptoms don't go away or don't get a chance to go away because fissure comes back very soon - first time I have a bit harder stool.

A couple of doctors checked me. First one said I had internal hemorrhoids. Second one few months after the first one said I had an anal fissure, checked inside with fingers, said other than fissure sphincter looked healthy but a little tight. Told me to eat fibre and use GTN cream (Rectogesic).

I was referred to general surgeon today but have an appointment in two months time which is terrible as I worry and think about this constantly and feel depressed. I don't even talk when I'm at home due to depression and worrying. I'm 24 and this is an ongoing problem of two years. I don't have any blood in stool nor on toilet paper. There is no history of such problems in my family. Please give your thoughts, experiences and support.


I'm experiencing the same issues. I also have pain radiating down my thighs, because mine is in the anterior (I'm female). Do you have pain radiating anywhere?
My symptoms started after passing a hard stool 2 months after a vaginal hysterectomy. It has been 5 months since that fateful day.
I didn't think I had a fissure at the time as I never heard of this problem or ever had it before (I'm in my 40's!).
But after a week of pain (in my buttocks and between my thighs) I thought it had to do with my surgery...that I maybe tore something. First a dr. in ER checked me and said I had a vaginal infection! She gave me antibiotics which = diarrhea for 1 month!! Made it worse.
Then my gynecol. looked everywhere EXCEPT the anus (although he did a digital exam-did not look there). After an ultrasound and CT scan, he said nothing's wrong and maybe I need Biofeedback therapy!
So I suffered another 2 weeks and went to a G.I. dr. who diagnosed a large, deep anal fissure and gave me 2% Diltiazem (Cadizem) to apply 3x a day. I healed after 2 months but was still in pain. So I had a colonoscopy 2 weeks later & got a fissure again. I'm in more pain now. The GI doc said just treat it like before. I asked to see a colorectal dr. she said: no you don't want to do that...too many problems with surgery. Then I went to my GP who also told me not to go to a colorectal because my symptoms are not typical of the fissure (ie. pain down my thighs). He suggested a pelvic pain specialist. BUT MY PAIN IS IN THE BUTT! (do doctors listen??)
I am now going to seek a colorectal surgeon myself. I just worry about finding the RIGHT one.
From my research in the last 5 months, this is the way to go at this point. You have to make sure you are in spasm to consider a cut in the spinchter muscle to relax it, and get the best surgeon.
BTW, I also got a hemorrhoid after the fissure, but told it is now gone (after adding Anucort to my regimen).
I now have 2 skin tags, rectal pressure, a pinch/burn sometimes, rectal pain from spasm, difficulty sitting or walking too much, small stool if I don't relax the muscle before BM (i do this with sitz bath or 2% Diltiazem).
So you're not alone. Just see a colorectal specialist asap if you've suffered this long. I heard the best ones are busy and u have to wait to get in.