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Thanks Kinderella,

I no longer use any of the creams I used for the fissure such as Nifedipine or Diltiazem. The surgeon said don't bother you had the sphincterectomy so spasms should have stopped hence they are pointless. I sometimes still use Prep H, or wheatgrass on bad days to soothe area....Not sure if it does much for the posterior fissure area but it seems to help the lateral pain (which may or may not be a hemi or incision site?) Anyway although things are better then 5 months ago I still deal with pain daily...not as intense but uncomfortable and so inconsistent throughout the day that it causes so much fear and worry.

My family doc says often it takes over a year for surgical sites to feel good again. I hope this is true and the daily ups and downs will eventually resolve...

If docs do discover hemmi not sure if i'll take chance of another surgery?

Let me know if you have any major changes....

I think and pray for all of us sufferers daily

Good luck