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I could not agree with you more. Where would we be without the ongoing research? A lot of money and other resources is expended in search of new drugs and better treatments. Some of the resulting products are simply amazing! We don't often think about how many years of R&D it takes before a product is ready for clinical trials and studies that follow, and, depending on the outcomes, an approval for public use.

There was a study conducted, with the results published recently (July 20th, Lancet) about a combination therapy for high blood pressure. Two drugs were used and, as anticipated, a greater blood pressure reduction was achieved than with just either drug alone. In this study, two rennin inhibiting drugs were used at the highest recommended doses. One was Tekturna (aliskiren), the other Diovan (valsartan).
Rennin causes blood pressure by constricting the blood vessels. Both of these drugs inhibit the rennin system of the kidneys. A mean drop of 12.2 mm in diastolic pressure was achieved.
There's just one problem with this drug combination. It causes the potassium levels to rise. Some study participants experienced transient potassium levels of 5.5., with the 6.00mmol/l being considered hyperkalaemia and life-threatening. So it looks as if this was never meant to be... Unfortunatelly, due to its toxicity, we will never see a combo pill of the two. It's great to know it has been tried, though!

Thanks for the information about Digibind. I'll look into it. :)