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A while ago I posted a question on ARBS specifically Diovan. Since then I had a trial of Benecar 40mg (with Toprol to prevent possible tachycardia I had with the Diovan.)
Well the Benecar did nothing to lower my BP.
My question is , I have been on Cardura with Clonidine for 12 years [COLOR="Sienna"]with fair control of my BP.
In the last 4 months I have been on almost every family of BP meds out there which all entailed stopping my Cardura, ( but not the clonidine.)
Every single time without fail after just stopping the Cardura I have had terrible problems, high BP spikes, nausea, etc. to the point of it being intolerable.
If you research this drug, ( I know it's an Alpha blocker but different from Clonidine) there are absolutely no studies on long term use and withdrawal of this drug. (Only on Clonidine, a different type of alpha blocker)
I have on multiple occasions discussed this and my symptoms with the cardiologist and he swears there are no withdrawal problems, with cardura yet no one has ever studied this and the very long term use of it.
So I seem to have no where to go with this.
Has anyone out there taken this drug for > 5 years and had withdrawal problems. I need to know this.