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Hi there, everyone...

Well, my BP went from bad to worse to downright weird. On Monday it was 239/150 HR 120 and steady with chest pains so I took a clonadine, it started lowering the BP but the chest pains did not change at all so at the advice of my Cardio I went to a new ER that had just opened under the assumption that since it was new it would not be busy. It wasn't and I went right back.

Without even an EKG the Dr took one look at me then went into a 20 minute lecture about being overweight with anxiety and needing a Psychiatrist. I asked my husband to hand me my shoes and left against Dr's advice. In the parking lot we called my Cardio and he directed me to go to a different ER connected to a Heart Center and said he was faxing some records there.

At the 2nd ER they take me right back and do a 12 lead EKG then place me on a monitor and take an x-ray and blood tests within 15 minutes of arriving. My BP on arriving there was 198/98... and it kept going down... and down... and down.

The cardiac enzyme tests came back normal... and my BP kept going down... at 120/60 I asked for them to check it on my other arm as well because I had not seen numbers like that in years and years, it made no sense. The ER doc started to think that I was making it all up and was getting ready to discharge me after running the cardiac enzymes one more time since I was still having chest pains when it happened... Vtach... 30 sec to a minutes worth. The alarm was going off, the screen was flashing and I was definately feeling it. And ... nothing. The alarms stopped after a few minutes... the screen stopped flashing a few minutes after that... then about 3 minutes later the nurse rips the curtain open and asks if I feel ok. (They had just noticed it... a full 5 minutes after the fact)

Suddenly I go from the fat hypochondriac to the woman with a major concern and they leave the curtain open so they can keep an eye on me as they work on admitting me. And my BP still goes lower.

I just got out at 3pm today after nuclear stress tests, echos, dopplars, EKG's, x-rays... they have no idea why I throw small bouts of Vtach but took me off the Verapamil and put me back on Torprol, doubled my Diovan to 320mg, took away the clonadine and HCTZ. My BP is now hovering in the 89/49 range with a HR of 50 and strict rules to not take ANY of my BP meds if it stays like this... the Dr's are confused... I went from chronic Hypertensive Crisis for months and stage 2 Hypertension for years to very low BP.

The Endocrinologist I am to see on Monday came on in to see me and is almost positive that there is a pheochromocytoma lurking in me and is more than positive that I have cushing's as well since I have every single physical trait of cushings... the only symptom I was missing of cushings was glucose intolerance... well, guess what was found during my hospital stay... yep, got that as well now.

So, this is my update... and there is a moral to what happened to me on monday and my hospital stay from monday until today...

If I had allowed the Dr at the first ER to intimidate me and convince me that I am just fat and anxious that Vtach would have never been seen on the monitor and I would not be on the long road but at least a ROAD to a diagnosis and understanding. In the past I would have just caved and let him railroad me, but I knew something was wrong and I went somewhere else straight from there. Do not let anyone tell you that you are just 'making it up'... you know your body and even a good thing, like the best BP readings of your life for no reason MEANS something. Be proactive and don't be afraid to fight for your right to be heard... sure, I might have been just fine had I gone home, but then again, Vtach can kill and I might have been dead wrong for not going somewhere else.