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[SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"]Can I or anyone take these types of Meds if they are taking b/p meds like Toprol, Norvasc, Diovan, etc.? My sister needs something so badly for her 'drippy nose' that is really causing her distress because she has 'non-allergic rhinitis' and these are the meds suggested on Mayo Clinic's website, for this problem, and it doesn't say if a person can take them while taking these other meds for HBP.
She gets attacks of 'dripping nose' so often it is hindering her quality of life, ruining her day, and then the next day she's fine. :confused: They happen while she's out shopping, eating, etc. She plans to ask her doctor about taking these suggested medications but we wondered if anyone here has been told they cannot take these suggested remedies while taking HBP medications. Any comments that you might have would be appreciated. thanks.