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[QUOTE=Vanessa74;3417007]I am very glad that you have found something that works for you :)

Is this the only medication that you take for HBP?


I'm currently taking ACEON 2 mg and BYSTOLIC 2.5 mg (I break the pills in half). Luckily, my doctor likes to keep the dosages low and in combination, than he can work his way up. My first 2 pill combination about 8 years ago were TOPROL XL 25mg and ALTACE 5mg. (According to my doctor he said these 2 pills were the best of the best. I never felt well while taking these 2 pills, I had a dry mouth, cough, skipped heart beats, poor memory, poor sleep, nightmares (occasional insomnia or waking up during the night)
among others. I thought I would adjust to the meds.. Once he added 10mg of LIPITOR to the mix, I had neck and shoulder aches and a frequent bloody nose.

Were many of these sysmptoms related to the meds?? Probably. I was then switched to DIOVAN and TOPROL. I felt alot better... I eventually dropped the TOPROL and my pharm.company switched me from DIOVAN to COZAAR.
COZAAR gave me an almost constant tickle in my throat... I then went to BENICAR and a low dose of BISOPROLOL. I switched the BISOPROLOL to try the new BYSTOLIC med, and ACEON in place of BENICAR...

My doctor believes that almost all beta blockers are similar. TOPROL being the best. He believes TOPROL is the most prescribed, the most popular, the most researched, is highly effective, positive results in almost every major trial, works excellent with every major class of heart medication, All side-effects are well documented through-out the span of over 20 years. (Should I say more about his beta-blocker preference??). I think he let me sample the various beta-blockers for several reasons, mainly because he is happy about the fact that I'm taking a blood pressure medication and trying to better control my blood pressure. Also, about 5 years ago I stopped taking my beta-blocker TOPROL along with ALTACE (He was very reluctant about me dropping the TOPROL) though he switched me to only DIOVAN. Also, my blood pressure readings for the past few years have been mostly normal, or ranged from mild to moderate. Lastly, I requested the beta blocker this time due to occasional anxiety/tension/stress/agitation etc. (maybe he thinks I'm neurotic) Anyway, he wrote me a prescription for TOPROL and later for the others. He gauges my blood pressure by my frequent periodic checkups and blood tests for Cholesterol/LIPIDS and Liver checks to monitor the NIACIN/PRAVACHOL.

In regard to PRAVACHOL, Yes - It definitely controls my cholesterol levels. To be honest, I do not always take the Pravachol daily (as prescribed). Especially, if I feel any sign of muscle soreness or pain. It appears that statins make the soreness worse (perhaps, the statins are what's causing the muscle soreness to begin with) When I took LIPITOR (10 mg) approx 6 years ago, my neck and shoulder soreness had become almost intolerable. My doctor told me to stop the LIPITOR and suggested either PRAVACHOL or LESCOL.

P.S. I have my next blood test in about 5 weeks. Let's see if my daily diligence to taking Pravachol lowers my sudden increase in cholesterol since starting BYSTOLIC. If not, I may have to live with the nightmares and switch back to TOPROL. My doctor would be ecstatic.... and then I would have to hear the "I told you so's"