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my doctor has prescribed me bystolic 10mg and diovan 320mg for PKD high blood pressure. It is working, and I have only been on it for 3 days. My question is, is it dangerous to mix these two medications, and is there and dangerous side affects for mixing these medications?

I was taking procardia, and diovan, and I started swelling so my doctor took me off of procardia, and the diovan does nothing for me. It doesn't lower my blood pressure at all, but he says that it protects my kidneys and that is why I should continue taking it.
Hi Jenette,

The 2 pills your taking are some of the latest HBP medicines on the market.
I'm currently taking BYSTOLIC also (switched back from BISOPROLOL). I also was on DIOVAN for quite awhile, but it seemed to lose effectiveness over time. My doctor then switched me to BENICAR (which is the same class of pill). BENICAR was definitely better at controlling my numbers at a much lower dose. BYSTOLIC was just released a couple of months ago, though it was available in 50 other countries. BYSTOLIC is suppose to be so effective that you can take it alone or with other meds. The combination you are taking is very common... A beta blocker + ARB (DIOVAN etc).

The recommended starting dose of BYSTOLIC is 5 mg a day, and 80 mg. a day for DIOVAN. Your doses appear to be rather high, which sometimes can cause more side effects. I am currently taking only BYSTOLIC, because it appears to be more potent than most HBP meds. available. In comparison to other beta blockers such as TOPROL, ATENOLOL etc. BYSTOLIC has a more neutral effect on heart rate, causes beneficial vasodilation in target organs, increases NITRIC OXIDE, has powerful ANTIOXIDANT capabilities (similar to VITAMIN C and E), decreases systemic inflammation and can improve quality of life such as less tiredness, and improvement of sexual function (if a problem) This is why BYSTOLIC can be taken alone, it performs many beneficial functions (all in one)