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[QUOTE=HARVEY39;3575101]Recently I have been prescribed to use Bystolic (Beta Blocker) and Altace (ace inhibitor) together. Has anyone had any experience with this combination and what was the results and experience of doing that?


Hi Harvey,

I'm taking BYSTOLIC and ACEON. ALTACE is very similar to ACEON, both being ACE INHIBITORS. BYSTOLIC is the newest of the beta blocker class. It is currently being used in more than 50 countries. The combination you are taking are very often given together in combination. These 2 classes of drugs are "supposed" to be the most effective for almost all cardiac conditions, ranging from heart failure to hypertension. I find the combination to be rather effective. I believe the BYSTOLIC will cause less side effects than ALTACE.
(I had more side effects with ALTACE a few years ago, and was switched to DIOVAN) But keep in mind, not all experience the same side-effects.

BYSTOLIC may cause some fatigue (like other beta blockers) but it eliminates most of the other symptoms such as cold hands, slow heartbeat, sleep problems and sexual dysfunction. The 2 pills your taking are probably among the best pills to be taking (With a proven track record) though they are also probably among the most expensive, because they are both brand drugs. The saying "You get what you Pay for" is definitely relevant.

P.S. Good luck with the new meds.....