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I was on Apo Triazide (50-26m) for 2 years but it no longer is controlling my high blood pressure. My doctor then perscribed me Diovan (160mg-25mg). But because I was nervous after reading up on it I never took it and continued with the Diazide, I recently went back and she perscribed me Ramipril 5mg.

Now I am home trying to decide which of the two is the better pill to take. I feel foolish being so paranoid as I know high blodd pressure is dangerous and I need to take something, I am 51 if that helps. My last BP reading was 153 over 93.

Please, any input would be very helpful.

Thanks much

PS, I suppose I should have titled this thread differently, maybe which pill seems to have less side effects, better results..or something like that.
I am on the Diovan and have had good results from it. I am allergic to sulfa drugs so my doctor and I discussed this up front before i took it. He felt it was the best drug for me and that the probable side efffect would be stomach issues...which I have with the sulfa drugs. I take it after eating breakfast. That helped in the beginning until I got aclimated to the drug. Now I don't have any issue with it. In the beginning ( a little over a year ago) my BP was 165 over 95. Today it's usually 110 over 65-70. I started out on the 160 but am now on Diovan 320.