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in my insurance plan, Diovan has become very expensive for some reason that is unknown to me.

I am currently taking

Diovan 160mg daily
HCTZ 50 mg daily
Metoprolol Tartrate 100mg twice daily
Clonidine .1 mg 3x daily

Is there a way, or does anyone have a suggestion how I might replace Diovan in the regimen with a generic drug, or more of the others?

Valsartan is the generic for Diovan. I used it in the past and had no problems.
Unfortunately there is no generic available for any of the ARB's like Diovan until at least 2011. Don't I wish.

If you haven't tried an ACE inhibitor (lisinopril type) before, give it a shot. Very cheap and very effective if you don't get the dreaded ACE-cough (20+% do...and it's not something you can live with). I got the cough. Made me very sad as the ACE-inhibitor I was on worked like a charm for my BP in ways that betas couldn't.
Amlodipine is being marketed as Norvasc in North America. I am not too sure about the patent rights, but here in Canada we still pay through our ears for it. I pay $89.52 for it every month (this includes taxes).

Not everyone would be willing to tolerate its side effects. They can be much more unpleasant for some people than those of Diovan, notably: headache, peripheral edema AND cardiological adverse reactions. However, most of these are dose-dependent (as are the therapeutic effects), so lower doses might be OK. The average reduction in blood pressure with the once-daily dosing is about 12/6mmHg.

I find Norvasc has fewer cardiological side effects than my former CCB, Felodipine. The peripheral edema is about the same. A big pain in the....legs. :) :D