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Hi everyone, I'm, new. I was diagnosed with pre-hypertension a couple of years ago at age 39. I started on Altace, which was dreadful, went to Diovan and now I am on Exforge. What I was not fully aware of until now was how my stress and anxiety were contributing to my what I at first thought were high BP symptoms. I ended up in the ER a couple of times with panic attacks. I am now having a hard time trying to figure out what is a blood pressure symptom, a medication side effect, or the result of my now elevated anxiety levels. Due to my ER visits I am now on Xanax prn. I have learned from these forums that some of Exforge's side effects are elevated anxiety, flushing, angina, etc. Mind you Exforge really lowered my BP, but at what cost? Is Xanax going to be the first of other meds to come to offset the side effects of Exforge? Since Exforge is my third BP med, are there really any differences? They basically, depending on the class, all act in a similar manor. I am already on a low sodium diet, excersize, etc. My cardiologist really was no help and basically exonerated Exforge from any side effect responsibility. I can't live like this.