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My blood pressure is fine when I wake up, and even during the afternoon but for some odd reason it rises from 8:25PM to 9:00PM. My readings are around 130-150 sometimes over 65-75. It's very strange. It would be normal most of the times but sometimes it does this. After 9:00pm my blood presure would come down once I fully relax. I take my ramipril around 9:15AM in the morning and 9:15PM at night. I used to take 160mg of diovan once a day but it wasn't as effective as ramipril so my doctor switched it to ramipril. My other medication includes inderal 160mg twice a day, norvasac 10mg once, apo furmosiide 20mg once, spirolatone 100mg once, asprin 325mg once. I'm only 27 years old and I have just had open heart surgery not too long ago. I just would like to know why during this time that it would trigger a sudden increase of bp? Is this a cause of concern? Once I take my medication from 9:15PM my bp is normal from then onwards.

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this is the bottom line and what really matters.:) It sounds as if your blood pressure is well controlled for the most part. A friend with well controlled hypertension (Diovan and hctz) has just told me about her experiment. For a while, she took blood pressure measurements after each meal (I didn't ask how long after) to see which foods and beverages tended to raise it. She found that some foods raised her blood pressure by as much as 10-20 mmHg. Her doctor does not believe her. I do. I should probably do the same. It would be interesting to see what the blood pressure does. I get very tired and sleepy not long after I eat. I will start measuring my blood glucose to see how it reacts. I might as well take my blood pressure at the same time.

Many things-including anxiety- can trigger a sudden rise in blood pressure. When you get a high reading, try measuring the blood pressure in the other arm. Wait a little bit, then do both arms again. I do this and the second set of measurements is usually in the normal range. Sometimes the cuff does not inflate properly, resulting in a falsely high reading. As long as your blood pressure elevations are not regular, considerable and persistent, they probably are not a huge concern. Your doctor will let you know if any action needs to be taken. Good luck with your blood pressure control. You seem to be doing just fine. :)