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Iam 60 years old. 8 months now, I am using Co-Diovan 160/25mg and Norvasc 5mg per day.
During this time I have had a stabilised blood pressure( 125/70). Somtimes i have had a little bit of swallowing on the right hand ( for a short time let's say 10-15 minutes).

Do you have long experience with this medicines? using for a long time is any heart problem? As the BP is stabilisied do you think to use 2.5mg of Norvasc per day insead of 5mg ?
It's good to hear that your high blood pressure is under control. Co-Diovan is a combination of hctz and Diovan, both very effective blood pressure drugs. I am not surprised to hear it has worked so well for you. :)

Like so many other drugs, both Co-Diovan and Norvasc can have cardiological side effects, such as abnormal heart rhythm -fast or slow-, chest pain, and palpitations in some people. This does not mean that you will experience them, especially if you haven't already during the eight months you've been taking these drugs. The side effects are often dose dependent. This means that the higher the dose of the medicine, the more likely the adverse effects are to occur.

Norvasc should not be taken by people with certain existing heart problems and slow or irregular heartbeat. I am sure your doctor knows your health status well and that you see him/her regularly. If you have been experiencing any heart problems or chest pain, it should be brought to your doctor's attention immediately.

It might not be a bad idea to ask your doctor whether you can try lowering your Norvasc dose. Don't do it without your doctor's knowledge. It certainly is worth a try. Who knows, your blood pressure might remain unchanged (that is, well controled) on a reduced dose of Norvasc. Good luck with that! :)

Hi, it's me again. How long are you going on having 5mg of norvasc, and is any problem having it in the morning or in the afternoon?
I take co-diovan in morning and norvasc at midday.