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Have you tried a drug called "Ditropan"? It eases the bladder muscle cramps. If I were you I would talk to the uro about Ditropan. I personally hate Pyridium, it upsets my stomach very bad.

Also when you have a bladder infection or bladder irritation you need to try to make your urine as alkaline as possible. You may want to take calcium carbonate such as Tums. Stay away from cranbeerry juice, cranbry tablets, acidic foods (tomatoes, strawberries, etc), soda, tea, coffee, spicy foods. Stick with good old water.

I hope this helps.

from what i have read it is common from post menopausal women to get uti's...even if they never had the problem in the past...i have had an ivp ..all they do is inject a dye in your arm and take pictures as it passes thru your kidneys and urinary tract..the cysto is where the dr will fill your bladder and then use a scope to look inside it..another test they mite want to do is cytology..where they check the urine for cancer cells..only if all those are ok would i consider detrol or ditropan...they are used for overactive bladder..and you dont want to mask symptoms without making sure what your ailment is.
Thank you so much for your responses. I was wondering about the Ditropan after seeing so many commercials. I have been doing just fine this past week and I had the IVP on Friday. My urology appointment is tomorrow. I'm really completely back to normal....for now, but I don't want this happening at an inopportune time.

Piper, I was curious about your saying no cranberry juice or pills when so many people say the opposite. Even the technician doing my IVP on Friday told me "drink cranberry juice." Hopefully I will get a few more answers tomorrow. I drink tons of water every day of my life, that's never been a problem.