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My husband has always been healthy. Other than acid reflux disease and heel spurs, he is a healthy (but obese) man.
He had gastric bypass surgery in March. He's lost 50 lbs. The surgery is a 100% cure for acid reflux disease, and he has not needed his nexium since his surgery.

As we drove by the pharmacy for all MY medications, he mentioned how thankful he was not have to take the nexium anymore. He also talked about how awful it was to "have" to take a pill everyday. The next words out of his mouth were the following: "I really feel sorry for people who have to take pills every single day. Can you (meaning me) imagine how awful that must be?"

*GASP* he said that to me!!! His wife of 12 years. The woman with MS, RA, and possibly fibromyalgia. The woman who has to get injections for migraines b/c the pills don't work anymore. The woman who can wake up one morning and not have feeling in her legs or have her feet drawn up making it painful if not impossible to walk!!!

Everyday, I take several pills. I take folic acid, effexor, soma, lortab, nexium, ditropan, ultram and several vitamins and herbs. Every week, I take methotrexate. Several days a week, I take zomig (plus phenergen), neurontin, allergy medicine, Reglan, and others.

I LIVE on pills. And the fact that my husband, for TWELVE YEARS, did not make this connection bothers me.

My jaw literally hit the floor. I just looked at him. Still not making the connection, the man looked at me and said "what"

I gasped. I then spelled it out for him. . his sick wife, the THREE LARGE PLASTIC BASKETS of medication. And then, to further shove his large foot into his increasingly large mouth, he said the following. . . "yes, but you don't "HAVE" to take them. You want to take them."

I am still so shocked by this. Does he not know me at all?? I mean, we started dating when I was 14, and I am now 30. He is the only man I've ever kissed. I've never even been on a date (except him). He's the only man I've ever loved, and it breaks my heart that he does NOT know me at all.

How devastating. :(