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Sherrie in Oregon here.
I was on Elmiron for my IC for over a year. Long story short: lost some hair, got a digestive problem from the Elmiron and more meds for that new symptom that's stuck. I also gained some weight. A lot. And I also have the edema so bad I now have to take med for that too. And during this entire process my pain med just kept going up. So, it basically didn't work at all the way it was suppose to. The ONLY thing it did help was the frequency, and not really well. I only missed it at night as it made me drowsy all day so I slept better. I think anyone who says it is working very well for them is probably on some other kind of med. at the same time that is contributing to the releif of their symptoms. The Elmiron is just a very expensive drug that basically did the same thing Detrol or Ditropan would do. It did NOT alleviate ANY of the pain. In fact my pain med. was just bumped again by my pain mgmt. doctor. I just hate to sound so depressing but please do not waste a year of your time and a lot of your money on something that is not at least 90% for sure. I've read that about 50% of the patients have had some improvement. That's not a very good statistic.

The hydrodistention is a good way to take a look-see in your bladder. It shows how bad your IC really is and, although it hurts like heck for a few days after, it actually does relieve the urgency symtoms for a couple of months. I've had about 3 of them. Beware of the doctor that says your IC is not severe and you should not be hurting that bad. A light case of IC can mean a lot of pain to some people. I also know someone that had blood in her urine every day from the disease and hurt hardly at all.

My advice, get a good pain mgmt. doctor that will work with you and make sure your Urologist is on board with it. Have regular vistis with your Urologist every 3 to 6 months so he/she can monitor you and get something for the urgency/frequency from that dr. This disease is for life. I've had it for 15 years now with only 1 or 2 good years in between and I'm just in my mid-fourties. Some people can have remission for years. I wish you the best. Be very careful about what you eat and drink and wear and good luck to you!