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In search of answers, I hope I may have some insight from others on this board. Here is my situation.

I have had to frequently urinate for the past two years. I would say I use the restroom at least 25 times or so a day. I started by going to my reg. doctor who tested my urine, blood, ect. She then sent me to a gnocologist who also did some STD tests ( By the way I have had the same sexual partner this whole time). Everything came back ok so I went to a urologist. He told me the cause of all this was stress. He prescribed me ditropan (which did not help) and then vesicare (which also didn't help). He also did an ultra sound and everything came back fine. I also went to see a physiologist and started a depression/anxiety medication to see if that would have any affect (but had none). So then I decided to try a new urologist, who used a capither to see that after I had just used the restroom there was still a lot of urine left. He told me I should do something called "stretching." This was a painful procedure and even more painful as the days followed. I will say that it did help but only lasted for about 2 weeks. He said I would need to have this done several times. Then due to locations and college I wanted to find a doctor in Las Vegas, she has now put me on ditropan XL. Haven't noticed much yet. From what these doctors have told me it seems all these medications do the same thing. She has recommended if this does not work then I should do the stretching again in a hospital where I can be put to sleep. She says she will do the stretching three times in a row. So my concern is that I am GETTING NOWHERE, and spending thousands of dollars and still suffering. From speaking with some of my mom's friends who had some of these issues they told me they also did the strecting several times, but this was 30 years ago! There must be some new thing out there that can help me?? Does anyone have anyadvice or suggestions?? Anything would be great! Thanks!