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[QUOTE=alliejazz;2899863]It's OK to vent it helps..and I agree with you about the doctors and malpractice insurance...I don't get it either...

The Lasix test is awful...I'm not looking forward to that AGAIN..

Do you have anything to take for the spasms?
They gave me Ditropan and pain med's when I had the stent in...and to use after until the spasms let up...they are terrible...wish you felt better.

They gave me Darvecet and Percecet which I am not taking any of them. They gave me nothing to calm the spasms down. They just aren't communicating with me about anything. I didn't even get a post op sheet of what to do at home! I'm on my own on this one! I hope you don't have to do too many more of these tests. Do you keep forming the stones or are they just not getting them?