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What symptoms did your daughter have?

My 5 year old daughter has a problem with wetting herself. She wets herself at night & during the day. She never complains of pain & doesn't seem to know when she has wet herself. She has always had this problem. Most days she changes her panties 3-5 times at least & still wears pull-ups at night. She is beginning to become self-conscious about it & is starting kindergarden in a month. My sister-in-law wet herself at her age & was constantly having UTI's & spent 2 years on antibiotics. My mother also had the same problem & went to a urologist & was told she had a short "urethra" & had to have it stretched. I'm wondering if maybe she got the word confused with ureter.

We saw her pediatrician last month & he prescribed Ditropan, hoping the cause was an over-active bladder. The medicine didn't make a difference at all. We took her off of it because she couldn't sweat properly while on it and being unable to sweat in coastal NC in the summer is not a good thing!

We have an appointment 4 hours away at a large university childrens hospital with a pediatric urologist Sept 12th. I just would like to have some clue of what may be causing the problem & also what will most likely happen at the first appointment with the urologist.

Good luck today with her scan!