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I've never heard of being put to sleep for a Cystoscopy before. Seems like a waste. The scope doesn't even take 5 minutes. I've had a few done. Had my last one done a few weeks ago. They put some numbing stuff in first. Did not have any burning after or anything. It really is not a bad test. My diagnosis was Intersital Cystitus. Not sure if I spelled that right. I have had blood in the urine for about 17 years. They don't know why. Dr. thinks it could just be a small hole in the lining where the red blood cells get in. So now I am taking Elmiron and Ditropan XL. He just added Elavil at night. It is an anti depressant but used to help the bladder at night. I'm not convinced that is what I have but they ruled out everything else. Good luck with your test. You will do fine. Believe me, I had a million tests for various body parts and this was one of the easiest.