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just remember why you are kicking the drugs in the first place. try to keep that your focus. that you want your life back. its pretty messed up when a drug can take everything that you loved and cared about and worked foryour whole life away from you. you need to get MAD at what this crap has done to you! that you have let a drug run your whole life. how much of your life have you already lost because of this madness that you live through everyday, trying to keep yourself supplied, the phonecalls hunting for stuff, the scams and lies you do and tell for the dope, not to mention always trying to have the money for it. so you need to really get pissed off for what this ***** had done to you! it worked for me and i have been clean since sept. 10 2001. i hope this helps you kick this *****. i went ct on my own and didnt take anything to take the edge off, because i was so mad i didnt want another drug in my system. i didnt sleep at all for 5 days. i just thought, bring it on because everyday i was sick was one day closer to being clean. i knew it couldnt last forever and it doesnt. on the 6th day it was pretty much over and everyday has been better since. i did go on an antideppresant about a month after i quit and stayed on it for about a year because i read somewhere that your dopamine levels in your brain are all screwed up cause of the drugs and they really helped me. hang in there guy, and be strong!