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Hi....Firstly thankyou those of you who have replyed, and thank you t-zone for showing so much interest in my post, i am flattered.

I think i may have not explained my main premise as well as i could have. I agree with t-zone that it is a very good idea to try and treat your acne with a healthy balanced diet, that is exactly what i was trying to say.

"The word Ayurveda comes from two Sanskrit words - Ayur meaning life, and Veda meaning knowledge. This traditional Indian life science is the oldest form of medicine known to man; its guiding principles are said to have been handed down from the Hindu gods, and written texts date back 3500 years. "

I leave with that, from what I can see its an all vegetarian diet with a load of herbs thrown in. Not something any human should eat.

BTW an ayurvedic diet is NOT a vegetarian diet, it does contain alot of vegetables, but also meat, the type of meat and vegetables depends on your constitution. As a brief summary, ayurvedic medicine suggests that different people have different constutions, and so have different metabolisms and so deal with foods and medicines in different ways. Which is why some (lucky) people can eat all the bad food they want and have no acne, or get fat, why some people can smoke until they are 100 and not get lung cancer.

The constution is determined primarily by your genetic make up. There are three different constutions and the one that people who have inflammatory conditions (such as acne) have is called 'pitta'. Ayevedic medicine suggests that inflammatory diseases such as acne can be exacerbated by foods that potentiate the inflammatory processes in the body (which is logical) , and so should be avoided. Thus spicy and salty foods and foods that contain iodine should be avoided, for example.

Foods that 'pacify' the constitution (i.e. lessen the inflammation) should be included. These pacifying foods, include alot of fruit and vegetables, but also meats like chicken, turkey and fresh water fish. Also you need not consume any herbs if you dont want to, for me the diet is simply to aid overall health and to build a foundation upon which to build a successful treatment program.

T-zone i dont wish to be disrespectful but We should respect ancient wisdom that has been used successfully for thousands of years and not rubbish it, especially if your only knowledge of such a complex subject is a quote you have obtained from a dictionary.

To re-iterate my main point. As any sufferer of very severe acne will tell you, dietary measures may work but will take a long time. During that time we get stressed, annoyed and our self-image gets increasingly worse. we get more anxious, depressed and self-obsessed and may develop (the relatively common) body dysmorphic disorder (BDD). This disorder is similar to anorexia nervosa and (as many psychological studies have demonstrated) can actually worsen the physical symptoms of disease, which then provide evidence for our negative perception of ourselves which worsens the depression, anxiety and BDD, and so on.

So it is important to get the SYMPTOMS under control (quickly) as well. My point was that to do this it is best to use SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN therapies. This may be can be sure that they will work. Because even if one proven therapy doesnt work for us, if we use more that one the chances are that one of them will.

What kind of logic is that? how can something advantageous to us in the past cause heart failure today? bubijsgdsg?

I am sorry that you dont understand, and i mean that sincerely, perhaps i wasn't clear enough, because it IS an important point. Perhaps You should do some research into evolutionary psychology that may help. But briefly i will explain more clearly:

I can see why you dont get it. evolution is supposed to retain what is useful and weed out what is not. However the process takes millions of years, and the human race as a whole as changed enormously over the last few hundred years. Evolution simply has not had time to adapt to the environment that we find ourselves in today. A simple example is our craving for fat, due to its high calorific value it was the most valuable food for our ancestors, thus the smell, sight and taste activate powerful dopamine reward pathways in our brains. This was designed to make or ancestors eat as much fat as possible when food was scarce and our survival depended on it.

Today fat is everywhere, but the systems that make us crave fat are still active in our body, evolution has not had the time to adapt to the modern day fat-abundant environment. Hence obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome x etc.

The ACE system reacts when our blood pressure increases (due to our modern diet, salt etc) because blood supply to the kidney is decreased this system then acts to normalise blood flow to the starved kidneys (beneficial to our ancestors) but today long-term activation causes a series of events (check a textbook) that results in heart failure.I hope i have made my point a bit clearer tzone.

its the other way around, you have to eat enough foods that keeps skin healthy such as animal fat rich in natural fat soluble vitamins A, E, etc not detrimental artificial vitamins like ascorbic acid or pantethenic acid, or vegetable based 'bio-unavailable' vitamins like beta carotene. Lard, beef tallow, fatty lamb - all the tasty stuff, butter - if you tolerate dairy

If you can eat a diet that consists of lard, beef tallow, fatty lamb and butter and NOT break out then i am EXTREMELY pleased for you, you are very lucky i would love to eat all that regularly but unfortunately if i did i wouldn't have a face, i would just have a spot.

the B5 study is one by a whacky chinese guy Lit-Hung Leung in a journal unrecognised medically. B5 is pantothenic acid, the rda is about 5mg. The mechanism for action is to cure a deficiency of coemzyme q110, So why not just take coemzyme q10- reason, the theory is made up, its easy to convince people with no knowledge of the subject anything you like, and even easier to convince people who 'think' they have knowledge of the subject. Yes is may work but it is not because of the theoretical mechanism, and more importantly B5 is an acid, if you take such huge amounts of it say goodbye to your bones because the calcium is what the body will be using to try and lower the ph or your digestive system.

I can not actually believe the inaccuracy of this paragraph. Even if you don't believe the study, this paragraph proves that you know nothing about biochemistry. Tzone you need to get a biochemistry book and study the basics before you give out any more opinions about studies such as this.

Firstly there is no such thing as 'coemzyme q110' i assume you mean 'co-enzyme Q10' WHICH HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS THEORY! co-enzyme Q10 (or ubiqinone) is a co-enzyme is an energy (ATP) producing system called oxidative phosphorylation (the electron transport chain) (i am sorry if i get too technical here but i can not leave things as they are, or else people who have read tzones comments may take them seriously).

The substance that Dr leong was talking about is called ACETYL CO-ENZYME A... and is the substrate for both hormone metabolism and for fat metabolism. There is a relative defiency when more hormone is being metabolised or when more fat is being metabolised, this defiency can result in acne.

and more importantly B5 is an acid, if you take such huge amounts of it say goodbye to your bones because the calcium is what the body will be using to try and lower the ph or your digestive system

This is completely untrue. ( do you make this stuff up tzone because if you do that is irresponsible) Pantothenic acid is actually supplemented as CALCIUM PANTOTHENATE which means that it is a SALT of pantothenic acid, so it has a NEUTRAL pH. So calcium is supplied with the B5 anyway! Also vitamin B5 is used as a treatment for dyspepsia (heartburn) because of its ability to neutralise the hydrocloric acid in our stomach. 'say goodbye to your bones' lol. Even if any of this were somehow true, The body compensates for metabolic acidosis by stimulating hyperventilation, then much later by retaining bicarbonate in the kidneys THEN ALOT LATER by removing calcium from bones, but most people would notice a prolonged period of hyperventilation.

The mechanism for action is to cure a deficiency of coemzyme q110, So why not just take coemzyme q10- reason

the reason that you cant simply take ACETYL CO-ENZYME A, is that it is produced USING pantothenic acid (B5) FROM FAT that is being oxidised (BURNT) and when there isn't enough B5 around the fat cant be burnt so easily so it is either stored or removed (obesity or acne). when there is enough B5 around the fat is more likely to be be oxidised to produce energy. There is then more acetly coA available for hormone metabolism, and fat metabolism so a defiency doesn't result.

So although supplementing with acetyl coA may help it wouldnt be AS effective. Also the body can control more effectively how much acetyl coA it produces depending on its need, which it could not do if you simply supplement with acetyl coA. (As you would know if you read some biochemistry, in some people who have too much acetyl coA produce excess cholesterol in order to get rid of the excess which you may not think is a bad thing judging by your dietary recommendations above).

....continued in next post.............