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Hi Gina, honey that is so wonderful that your Mom is doing so great!!! What an accomplishment!!!! And, how wonderful of you to be right there for her helping through it all. I don't know if this tip will help your mother or not, but it has helped so many others....zinc/magnesium supplements, 50-75 mg 3x daily. Many have said it eliminated their pain completely...it didn't eliminate mine, but it does lessen it and makes it easier to cope with. If I miss a few days my pain becomes horrible. Also, Omega3 Fish Oil tablets, best taken before bed. I also use Salonpas Patches and Aspercreme (both at Walmart). Nothing totally eliminates the pain, but finding combinations that lessens it and makes it copable is truly a blessing. As soon as she is physically able try to encourage to walk at least 20-30 min daily...exercise is the demand signal to the brain for the endorphins to produce more natural dopamine which helps the body cope with pain and stress. Maybe you could walk with her and it be a special time for y'all. Sounds like you could benefit from pain/stress relief as well! Bless your heart for being there for her.....she is very lucky to have such a sweet and caring daughter!!!! Good luck:)