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Quote from AddictedtoNorco:
I would also masterbate frequently during withdrawals, as the endorphine release acted as a mild pain reliever. Some say that your sexual health is directly related to your body's health.

Ok, so that the gals don't think this is just a "guy thing"....I am female, and I had the same experience and completely agree. Sex releases endorphins and will help with WDs....bizarre I know, but it helps.....that and chocolate...go figure, lol.

For those reading and coping with WDs, in addition to the Sample Home Detox sticky post in the Moderator's Section of this Board, do online researches to find additional things that trigger endorphin release. The key to getting through WDs is getting your own natural endorphins working for you. You can expedite that recovery process through excercise, yes even sex,. Exercise is the external activity that puts the demand signal on the brain to produce more natural endorphin dopamine go-juice. You need to do 20-30 min daily; it takes that long to fire up the factory. For those with an aversion to exercise, everyone can walk...so walk, walk, walk, walk...minimum of 20-30 min every day....twice a day if you can!!! It is important to understand that during the period of time you have been providing an external supply of painkiller the body detected the external supply and therefore shut off the factory...when you suddenly stop the external supply....WHAM....WDs. So, you have to "prime the pump" again through exercise. It will get better, I promise.