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Hello My2kn!

I'm sorry I haven't posted in quite some time. I sent my last post prior to leaving for Las Vegas for business. I was gone for 9 days at the end of June. I had never been there before (I'm a beach, fishing, cooler full of beer sort of gal) - not a Vegas gal! Anyway, I hated it!!! The cigarette smoke killed me because it was everywhere in that city! I don't take well to it even just walking by someone so being there where I had to breathe it in just about all day every day did not make me a happy camper.

I did miss communicating with you. They cancelled me on this board because I had an "out of office" message on my e-mail but I explained to them that I was out for business and didn't know putting an out of office auto reply on my e-mail would cause them to ban me. The moderator was nice about it and fixed it for me so here I am...back to talk to you!!! I really hope your doing better. When did you take vacation and how did it go? I was sorry to read about your back and the opiates. I hope that things are going better for you now. Well, here I am.... let's see...it was May 12th when I took my last hydrocodone 10/325 tablet so that makes it...hmm.... 61 days (??) wow! I didn't realize it had been that long. If you remember my previous posts, I had been on them for quite some time (4 + years)... I honestly will say that the withdrawals took about 30 days to fully disipate but even after that, I still felt like something was missing. I thought hard about what I could do to make myself feel better, I FINALLY started excercising again. I started Yoga and Pilates and I turned into a vegetarian (for other reasons but I'm eating better anyway)...I also read that St. Johns Wort was really good for anxiety and depression. It's supposed to help with your Saratonin levels which get depleted from addictions like we have as well as dopamine. I have only been on the St. Johns Wort for about 8 days now but felt a huge difference within 3. It was amazing and I love the way I feel now. I actually feel "normal" again. No craving or missing the hydrocodone, healthy appetite, not fatigued or stressed...I just feel good! I am so much more relaxed to. I'm amazed at how good I feel but it's nice actually :-)

So, that's how I've been doing. Let me know how everything is going with you. Just because I feel better doesn't take me away from the "addict" status..... I've been through the worst addiction and withdrawals (in my eyes) to a pill like Hydrocodone and want to be here for anyone who wants to talk to me...most of all you! Take care now.
Thank you Tim, for your reply. St. Johns Wort can be purchased at any Health foods store, I got mine at Sun Harvest. You may be able to get it in a grocery store health section by the vitamins. Not sure...but any health food store will have it. They sell it in 300 mg (in which you take 3 a day) and I saw a 900 mg tablet which is a once a day pill. I tried the 300 mg and take them morning, noon and night. This has worked very well for me. I was simply shocked that after 2 days, I already felt them working. I have heard others swear by it also. I know a man here at my office who has taken it for 4 years and was suffering from depression prior to that. If you research it online, it tells you how big it is oversea's and even here in the states. Try doing that, you might be more compelled to try it. I wasn't clinally depressed..I just felt a high level of anxiety from quitting the hydrocodone. If you read my earlier posts...I didn't exactly wean myself off of it, I pretty much stopped cold turkey and it was very difficult. It did take me about 30 days to completely get over the physical withdrawals. The mental withdrawals stayed with me all the way until 2 weeks ago when I woke up one morning and said "NO MORE"...I've got to get to feeling better. It was that very day when I forced myself to stock up on vitamins, reading, research, a pilates and yoga mat (goodness I must have spent $400 that day on books, magazines....vitamins etc...) but I was spending that every 2 months on hydrocodone! I will help you all I can through this forum. I want to. I was miserable when I quit. I truly was. It has taken 2 months but it was very much worth it...VERY MUCH. Yes, please try the St. Johns Wort...I would be interested to see how it helps you.... I know it's hard, (My2kn will agree to this) but try to get into excercising, even a little at a time...all the research I did on endorphins paid off. The body produces natural endorphins that are released during things like working out...we loose these in the madness of the opiates like the hydrocodone. I'm serious, the medication literally takes over our seratonine and dopamine levels and those are so hard to get back to natural. You take care and please feel free to post me anytime...now that I'm back from that icky city (although some of the architecture was absolutely beautiful).... I will probably never go back...I can get on the healthboard more often and check for messages from you :-)