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Here is somethings that I found hope that helps the insomnia will last a few days to a couple of weeks until the dopamine kicks it you might have using dreams and very vivid dreams and the sweats. Agrivation will slow go away and most of the other symptoms will decease with time its just getting the brain back to normal also for heavy smokers the w/d last a little longer since the thc is strored on the fatty tissue therefore is hard to get out of the body but just stay strong and it can be done! Good luck also some chinese green tea I think will help maybe so st john wort for depression and vitiamins will help too good luck! Oh and melatonin or tylenol Pm works for sleep too, Kim

For some of the milder detoxing symptoms, a few home remedies have proven to be useful:

Hot soaking baths can help the emotions as well as the body.

Drink plenty of water and clear liquids, just like for the flu.

Cranberry juice has been used effectively for years by recovery houses to help purify and cleanse the body.

Really excessive sweating can deplete the body of potassium, a necessary mineral. A few foods high in potassium are: melons, bananas, citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, and tomatoes.

Eliminate fat from the diet until digestion is better.

Greatly reduce or eliminate caffeine until the sleep pattern is more normal or the shakes are gone.

The old fashioned remedy for insomnia, a glass of warm milk before bedtime, helps some people.

Exercise not only helps depression and other unpleasant emotions, it helps the body speed up the healing process