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I wish I had more answers for you. Have you been on the benzos since you stopped drinking? It takes time your your body to heal and for your brain to start producing things like seratonin and dopamine and other chemicals that were stopped because they were replaced by booze or pills. When I stopped taking vicoden I have to say sleep was the last thing to come naturally I felt like in 2 mos I only had about 5hrs of sleep. Frustrating as it was I also have never heard of someone dying from no sleep. So it may be that the benzo's just replaced what the alcohol was doing. Just give it time and I would start weaning off the benzo's and let your body heal. It will soon be back to normal and it will start producing the chemicals that help you to sleep. Just takes time thats all. You will start feeling better just one day at a time. Melatonin did help me some too. I would get a few good hrs then it just seemed like I was just staring at the clock the rest of the day. I wished I could just scream. What happened to the days of crawling in bed and peacefully falling asleep without needing something. I would just slowly cut the benzos out. Start taking 1/2 or you normal dose at bedtime then cut it back as you need to. Your body is an amazing instrament it will heal itself and put you to sleep naturally the way it used to. Its just rusty right now and not running right but it will. Best wishes and it will get easier. Kim