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I'm curious to know how many of you all have been diagnosed with ADD or have many of the symptoms related to ADD. I've read a post on the ADD board in regard to a "type 6 -ring of fire" ADD which lists many of the same type of symptoms were all experincing. This particular web site claims the reason behind this type of ADD is a lack of DOPAMINE and SERATONIN in the brain! I belive I may have made a connection here. The post on the ADD form is titled " does anyone have type 6 "ring of fire". This poster was trying to get info on the connection between this type of ADD and bi-polar-which also connects with what the last poster on this thread had suggested. One of the major symptoms of this type of ADD is drug addiction and abuse in adults! please read the info-www.aqeta.qc.ca/english/general/types/27.htm. These are pretty much ALL of my symptoms. Although I've never been in trouble with the law. I do belive this is my type of ADD and could be part of the reason why I abuse narcotics. If I can get my ADD and depression treated properly I may never feel this overwhelming need to abuse pain medication. Please read the info and let me know what you think.
BTW- I have been previously diagnosed with bi-polar and put on depakote-which I couldn't take.
readytobedone-I've been rereading your posts-have you been diagnosed with add? You seem to have many of the symptoms.
Thanks for the link on ring of fire (i love the name). I've been prescriped an antipsychotic before (seroquel?) but it did nothing at all. Has anyone tried ritalin? I think you did make a connection-don't hydros raise your dopamine levels, the "feel-good" chemical in your body? hmmmm. Well do they have medicine that raises dopamine levels that is legal & actually works? Or do we have to suffer because our brains aren't running on all cylinders?:dizzy:
DEVERDAISY: I dont want to put down any one drug, but Ritalin has a very bad rap in the medical field..The Aderalls, and Straterra, and a couple of the new ones, they find are much easier on the system. (dont mind the spelling)

DEFROMAN: When I was recovering from all my pain pill addictions, I went to a 3 month course on drug and alcohol addiction classes, or study, or whatever. One of the things they have found scientifically is, when we take all these drugs that stimulate the dopamine and seritonin levels, we are litterally, useing them up. You only get so much of these chemicals to last a life time. When we are stimulating these chemicals, even with Meth or Coke, or any of these types of highs, being up or downs, we drain them and they cant be replaced.

We blew it didnt we?? LOL..... That fits in with being so depressed and down for such along time after we kick. By what I have learned we basically learn to live with it, or need anti-depressants etc. I know that after useing alot of drugs when I was younger, it felt like I had been running low on these chemicals, LOL...I just never seemed to have that natural high anymore.

Anyways, I am still sober, and I want to remain sober for the rest of my life. I dont want to take a chance anymore , on how I am affecting my body. I am past 50, and I have had to live with the aches and pains caused by all the drug use. Alcohol, will give you premature wrinkling, so with the Uppers, like speed and coke, and Heroin brings on the premature wrinkles too. Pain pills bring them on also. Alot of this is caused from the dehydration our bodies go thru on the drugs.

Ok, I think Ive passed on all the wisdom you wanna hear tonite, so friends, lets take care of our selves, and take care of others on the board..

Well, I read about the ADD "ring of fire"...I also had my mom and hubby read it and they both agree that it sounds EXACTLY like me. No, I haven't had trouble with the law, but that's because I've never gotten caught either. I'm not violent, but very aggressive at times, and they both say it wouldn't take much for me to get that way. I have used plenty of drugs, so I'm sure I've messed with my dopamine and seratonin levels BUT my mother says I've had the symptoms for many years, even BEFORE I ever used drugs. Here's another thing...my dad suffers from Parkinsons' Disease. He was diagnosed when he was 37...only 4 years older than I am now. For those of you who don't know about PD, the brain does not produce enough dopamine, and seratonin levels can be affected as well, so I'm thinking there just may be a genetic link here. It makes sense. I'm not saying I don't have bipolar, but I do think the ADD is definitely worth looking into. In a way it upsets me that I have lived with this whole "something is wrong with me, I should be able to be a better/normal person" thing for so many years, and am just now finding out that maybe it actually is a physical thing that I had no control over. But, I am hopeful that maybe FINALLY I'll be able to do something about it.

I do know there are some therapists/psychiatrists who dx a patient and that's it, they want no disagreement, but I really, really want to have a say so in how I'm dx'd and treated. This is my life, and I want it to be good. I just want to be happy and sober. I don't think that's too much to ask for. I'm willing to do the work, but I want to be listened to, seriously heard. My hubby said that he would be willing to talk to them with me and tell them what he sees. OK, signing off for the night. Any advice/ suggestions/ personal experiences are greatly appreciated. Stay strong and stay sober. We can do this!!