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t, if you've gone that long without a vicoden, then I wouldn't start the sub, but that's just me. You have to do what you think is best for YOU. I'm on Wellbutrin and am 1.5 mos clean, and actually, I feel good now. The first part of it sucked because like you, I had NO energy. That's b/c the dopamine receptors in your brain have shut down, and they've been going wide open while you were on the vicoden. Dopamine controls lots of things like energy, happiness, etc. Wellbutrin works on releasing this chemical back into your system. But it also regulates how much is released so it makes certain some speedy drugs, like crystal meth and coke, don't give you that high. Not sure how it would affect pain pills, and I'm not curious to find out either. But it has helped with my cravings, energy, focus, etc. my RN manager was on it and she didn't like it. So, not everyone agrees with its effectiveness. Each of us have our own chemistry. I'd try it and see how it goes. It is an antidepressant, so you should just be able to tell your dr. you are down b/c of withdrawing and you'd like to try it.