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i don't know if you should quit smoking daily or occasionally. only you know the circumstances, pros and cons of your using weed. i think the question should center around what if any problems it causes in your life and how your life is without the stuff versus with it. of course, this is an addiction board so we should not be playing up any "pros" of smoking weed, and i sincerely don't believe there are any anyway, and whatever someone might perceive as a plus of smoking weed is likely to be purely psychological.

after you have been drinking or drugging for a while the body's natural level of feelgood chemicals like dopamine and serotonin is somewhat lower than it is supposed to be, depending on how long you've been drugging. this makes it feel like you need the drug to feel normal, when it fact taking it is just restoring the normal level of your happiness chemicals to what they would be if you never started drugging. people who say they need weed to relax would feel just as relaxed after several months without it but that initial hurdle of several months is the hard part. and of course, the memory of the high without the memory of the big crash, the depleted wallet, the hazy, lazy unproductive days, gorging on nutritionally useless, fattening foods, laughing at stupid stuff only a brain damaged person would find funny, worrying about the law, one's health, getting more, dealing with criminals......the list of cons is quite endless, and the list of pros consists of one thing which is pretty much purely in the mind....that being said, psychological feelings are sometimes everything.....i would advise trying to ditch the weed even if it's not causing problems, it's illegal status and numerous issues tied to that make it too much of a headache, and frankly even if it were legal, the problems associated with it would be magnified ten-fold for many including me.