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Hey Facade ~ You are so well spoken and so right on!! Everything that you have described I've been going thru myself......day 22 of detox from Vicodin.....just when I think I'm gonna have a good day (cuz I actually got out of bed) BOOM - I'm on the couch or in bed!

Being a "shut in" is not a good feeling and contributes to the absolute loneliness. Good for you doing the dishes!!! It is so physically and emotionally challenging because your brain is telling you to "just get up and do this one little thing," and your body just won't cooperate! Just give yourself credit for the things you do accomplish!!!! It helps me, when I start to get down on myself because the house needs some serious attention, to remind myself what it is I'm going thru and what the end result will be. Then, if it's a day when I've done something more than just lay around, I remind myself of the things I did accomplish. ****, just taking my dogs out - and they have to go every couple of hours - is a huge accomplishment, especially when it's 4000 degrees out and I'm dripping sweat!!! Yes, still at day 22........I didn't think it would take this long, but I guess the little gizmos in the brain have to get back to making the Dopamine and Seratonine on their own and that can take some time...........so the time ticks on, and on, and on.......and eventually things will be back to "normal."
Whatever that is!!!!!

We need to start a puppy love thread. Maggie has her puppy love, I have mine and you have yours!! (And others too, I'm sure) I don't know if I would have gotten this far without them.......yeah, I'm cursing to myself if I have to clean a mess off the floor, but man they love us don't they......NO MATTER WHAT!!!! I feel guilty on the days I just cannot play with them, not even throw a toy around for them. I'm glad they have each other, but I normally walk them.....we've gone once and it was a disaster!!!!! Layla came home with those damn sticky hitch hikers stuck all over her fur, tons of them (She's a Shitzu with hair like a troll). On her face, on her legs, her butt - everywhere. Then Abbie had diarreah in my neighbors yard (of course I forgot to bring a bag!) and Layla ran through the poop and had it all over her!!!!!!!!!! I'm dripping sweat and about to pass out, cuz we're here in Florida and I'm the stupid *** who just had to take them for a walk!!! Weeeeeeeeeee!!! Anyway I spent an hour cleaning her up and then collapsed for the rest of the day, swearing to not take them for a walk again until I have things fully under control. Damn, I just could not concentrate!!! :dizzy:

From another blonde girly girl, hang in there sweetie.......we're all in this boat together and we're gonna keep on rowing until we all reach our destination! No we are not crazy.....we just have a lot in common and a lot of time to think about it. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we will get to it!!!!!!!

Let us know how your night out went........I think I would die if I even tried to do my hair right now!!!! My baseball caps and a pony tail are my best friend right now!!!!!! It's getting old! Have fun!!! Looking forward to hearing how it went!!!!