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Mike- can you please go outside into the nite, look under the moon and the stars and tell yourself how fortunate you are, Say a lil prayer, for you, for us..don't let us down.....Jesus has already sacrificed that..

Chrissy - I am copyin and pasting some information, I hope will be of somewhat of a help for you.I am so sorry you are`experiencing this madness.'this malady.

"Meth blocks the reuptake process for dopamine for approximately 12 hours. It takes this long for the body to break meth down. During this time the body's natural protection mechanism spends all 12 hours destroying dopamine in the brain. (It is a reaction to being flooded with dopamine, and is a natural process within everyone's brain.)

Normally, the reuptake process catches most of the dopamine and recycles it. The MAO process usually does not have time to destroy a lot of dopamine, and is only there as a safe guard to the human.

So for meth, because it blocks the reuptake process, and because it takes hours to break down, this destruction of dopamine goes on for HOURS and usually, with continued use, DAYS.

With cocaine it goes on for mere minutes.

Is this a bit of help