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Ouote: "MAN WHAT DID I DO?" You didn't taper! Like I posted before, you can do this detox cold turkey. Your not on such a high dose, so use the home detox plan and get it over with. Don't forget the most important part of aftercare program or you will find yourself back with the same issue. Cam, I know it is a scary thing but you can do this.

Post Sample Home Detox Plan

Substance Abuse in any form substantially depletes your body of nutrients. In order to be effective during WDs most people state they needed to increase doseage levels beyond the recommend dose level; some substantially. Levels are for intensity of Detox WDs; post-detox WDs would be less. Use your own judgment about your needs and what you feel is best for you and what you are comfortable with and customize your own detox list to your preferences/needs. These things may help lessen WDs; others have reported good success.

What Symptoms To Expect
Vicodin has a half-life of 4-8 hours; therefore, WDs will begin for most between 8-16 hours after last dose taken. Most people express that detox feels like the worst flu they have ever had in their life. You will likely experience severe achy joints, weakness, restless legs syndrome, headaches, lack of clarity in thought, irritability-does not play well with others, severe “coffee jitters” to the extent that it is difficult to sit still and some experience involuntary muscle twitches, general feeling of “the all overs”, nausea but most do not report vomiting, and most report diarrhea. WDs will increasingly worsen up to about days 3-4 and then begin to turn the corner and stabilize.

It is best to plan your detox needs and shop in advance of starting. When you externally provide the body with chemicals that alter the brain, the body reads the signal and reacts by stopping its own natural production levels. So, when you cold turkey stop the external source, it jolts your body and whiplashes your system into wakeup mode. All those little workers have been snoozing for however long you have been administering the external supply source. Now the alarm bells are ringing all throughout your system, and they are running around like keystone cops screaming “oh s**t!!!!” They will get back on the job for you again, but it takes a while for them to get synchronized and functioning efficiently again.

1-2 weeks Ahead of Planned Detox
If possible, plan your detox 1-2 weeks ahead and commence with the Multi-Vitamin, Multi-Mineral, B-Complex 100mg, Zinc (pain-take only after eating food), & St. John's Wort (depression; but do NOT take if you are taking SSRIs) to build a solid base level BEFORE you start the detox. Many who have not built a solid base in advance have reported a more difficult time during detox. It took them a minimum of 1 week to achieve maximum relief level when days 1-4 are likely to be your worst WD days during detox. You may not feel depression now, but detox WDs usually results in the onset of depression until your body acclimates and can regulate itself. Building a nutriment base BEFORE detox will help lessen WDs and lessen the level of additional supplements you will need to help you cope. Waiting til you are actually in WDs to start taking supplements will mean that the supplements will be less effective and you will likely need substantially increased levels.

About Work
You should plan to take time off work to detox, usually a week. Options on work are plan to take off or call in sick with the flu, or the hybrid plan is time detox where you take last pill late the night before, go to work jittery and leave work early “with flu”---since you went home sick w/flu no one will be terribly surprised when you aren’t able to make it in most, if not all, of the following week.

During days 1-2 (and possibly day 3)
Most detoxers say it is best if you can try to sleep as much as you can during the first couple of days at least. Nyquil, Benadryl (not w/Benzodiazepine Detox!), Valerian Root, 5HTP (do not exceed 300mg daily) are types of things that may help you to sleep. Select other things from the OTC Options list as needed use other things from the list.

Days 3-5
You will likely start to stabilize. When you feel that you are starting to level off begin the L-Tyrosine/B6/D-Phenylalanine/Sublingual B-Complex w/B-12 to help w/pain and energy.


-HOT baths several times a day to help with aches; add Epsom Salts or vingear

-Heating Pad & warm blankets to keep muscles warm and relaxed.

-Hot Rice Socks for muscle warmers. Fill cotton socks w/rice, stretch and leave room on ends to loop and self tie sock end. Heat rice socks in microwave for approximately 2 min. Heat check & apply to achey areas.

-Keep nourished; drink lots of water: Add 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar for body PH rebalancing & pain; and if you can, add 1 tablespoon Honey for energy

-Relaxation Exercise to help lessen muscle cramping ,pain, & restless legs syndrome, EASY exercise regimine to activate your own natural endorphins & dopamine to help w/pain, While in bed work your muscles-tighten the muscles in your entire body all at once as hard as you can---hold it for several seconds(hold breath)---slowly release muscles and breath. Do entire body 5 times and then repeat doing one area at time--both legs then both arms-then low back/abdomen area; repeat cycle/one leg-one arm, etc.

Print out list to shop and to use as a tool to track what you take & its effectiveness.

Soup & Frozen Meals- enough for a few days

Liquid Nutritionally Balanced Meals; e.g., Slim Fast or Ensure

Gatorade (replaces electrolytes)

Benadryl (50mg w/hydro; taper ease aide)

Robitussin DXM-helps WDs; taper ease aide

Tagamet-taper ease aide; slows absorption of Hydro

Tylenol PM(but not w/Benzodiazepine Detox!)- during WDs you can take this during the day w/o it making you sleepy

Imodium (4-6 hours after onset; first few hours let body purge toxin concentrates) [detoxers have posted that 4-6 tablets x3 daily substantially helped them not only control diahhreah, but also lessened WDs]

Salonpas Patches For Muscle Pain

Aspercreme For Joint Pain (does NOT have Aspirin in it)

Airborne-3 boxes= (4 day supply @double doses3xdaily)

Nyquil-2 bottles since you will need it both day & night for first 3-4 days (will help joint pain & sleep)

Orange Juice w/Calcium-2 (will help joint pain & helps stabilize central nervous system)

Oranges-Natural VitC and other nutrients

Apples-Natural VitC and other nutrients

Bananas-2 bunches (potassium source; eat 2-3 daily; will help joint pain &helps stabilize central nervous system)

Sweet Potatoes-great nutrient source for VitA and other things; canned or fresh to cook-can be microwaved)

Blue Berries-fresh or dried -Great antioxidant

Spinach-Leafy Salad Mix, Frozen, or Canned (Vit. A-eat as much as you can)

Mini Carrots (good VitA and fiber source)

Green Tea-great antioxidant to help cleanse your system of toxins.

Peppermint Tea & Peppermint Candy-Nausea

Chammomile Tea-Sleep

Hershey’s Dark Chocolate Bars-has antioxidant & central nervous system coping properties

Zinc 50 or 60 mg (3xdaily ONLY W/FOOD; will substantially help joint pain)

B-Complex 100 mg. (helps stabilize central nervous system)

*L-Tyrosine [avoid if already taking any SSRI RX ](Health Food Store-will help joint pain & nerves) One hour before eating start w/2000 mgs; scale up/down based on how you feel up to 4,000 mgs. Take w/B-6 to help w/absorption. It will give you a surge of physical & mental energy that helps counteract malaise feeling. If you experience "coffee jitters" reduce to comfortable level.

*5HTP 100mg 3xdaily-no more than 300 mg daily as it could create risk elevated seratonin levels[avoid if already taking any SSRI RX m]-Walmart for best price; otherwise pricey; helps joint pain & nerves)

D-Phenylalanine (Health Food Store-helps joint pain) Compliments effectiveness of L-Tryosine and 5HTP

B-6 (needed for aborption & effectiveness of L-Tyrosine/D-Phenylalaline)

B-Complex w-B12 Sublingual Liquid Drops (Walmart-Spring Valley Line-key ingredient here is the B-12 which helps central nervous system & energy level. B-12 can only be absorbed by the body through natural dietary sources, injections, or liquid sublingual-under tongue

Calcium (helps joint pain & nerves)

*St. John's Wort [avoid if already taking any SSRI RX meds]-will help w/onset of depression which will also affect level of joint pain)

Multi-Vitamin Formula (Costco/Sams/Walmart) -helps joint pain, nerves, and depression)

Multi-Mineral Formula (Costco/Sams/Walmart) -helps joint pain, nerves, and depression)

Valerian Root (Walmart-helps nerves; increase dose leves @night to help w/sleep)

Hyland's Leg Cramps-Walmart-Homepathic Supplement has Quinine in it which helps w/leg syndrome; sublingual under tongue. RX levels of Quinine available from doctor.

Fish Oil-OMEGA 3-Helps w/legs syndrome &pain

[*These products impact serotonin levels and therefore if you are on any SSRI medications do NOT take these additional supplements as it could alter your RX medication]

Take care of yourself!