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Hiya Mini, I wasnt insulted, no worries..I like to see proof of things before I beleive it too ;)

IT is soooo furstrating not being able to post links here or I could show you the studies I am looking at which are recent and show that it can and does cause SZ..especially if you start doing it at a young age as it can interfere with the developing brain chemicals esp. dopamine, which can directly cause SZ. ( I hope this wont get deleted again!)

I also know about SZ as both my children have it...my son from pot and speed and my daughter from *nothing*...I know there seems to be a genetic link, but there is nothing in either mine not their father's family as far back as we can trace that makes us suspect someone had it...weird eh? My son was convinced he was possesed by the devil, the CIA was following him etc etc etc..so I have seen fully blow SZ and know what it is like.

Anyway, people keep saying it should be legalized and is harmless...I say, keep away from it, don't risk being mentally screwed up for the rest of your life...weather its due to a genetic predisposition that you dont know you have or not ;)