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truth be told im coming off an upper respiratory infection (bacterial) so that added some sickness to the dope sick. antibiotics are kicking in so i think my infection is on its last leg. taking loperamide and acetemenophen did wonders (thanks granny - no more shits or fever). i also got my hands on some xanax and thats the real "magic pill" for dope sickness (and dont worry Ive been addicted to xanax and I wont let that happen again). Im guessing day 3 will be when I can go to work comfortably Also according to internet legend phreex taking 5+ loperamide cures dope sickness as well (check the chemcial structure, its opiate like) not sure if high doses causes the dopamine action or if it just gives you extreme diarrhea relief. any scientific or conjectural proof of Phreex's theory?