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mano, i truthfully agree with just about everything that you are saying. the program is 3 days a week for 3 hrs at a time. he can work a job somewhere in there...one of the components here is his mental status..he does suffer from some kind of mood disorder and they want to medicate him, he has had a couple of seizures and they want to put him on wellbutrin along with a mood stabilizer. no doctor wants to risk him having another seizure unless they can keep close tabs on him, thats another reason why the 3 days is important..we all think he should be in an inpatient program. he is fighting it but he will go next week..he did tell us that he will still continue to look for a different program that suits him better.. but thats just him, always has to get the last word, always has to be in control, always needs to feel like he knows it all. meanwhile, he is very immature and cant help himself not to relapse.
We will not throw him outta here..he is not out there partying and using everyday..honestly, hes so depressed he pretty much stays in bed all day and is up all night. Like a baby with days and nights mixed up. thanks so much for your words and your concern...and btw i know that an opiate addiction is different..i know all about the dopamine and the chemicals and the receptors..i do understand that it takes years to get it all back..we are trying to help him to keep moving ahead,without too many steps backwards..maybe it is a losing battle, im not sure yet... And you right about him being a smart guy, he is extremely smart, he had us fooled for over a year. while he maintained a 3.8 in college he was addicted to opiates and we never knew.